PVC Or Thermofoil Kitchen

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

Thermofoil kitchen products are often referred to by Pvc, foiled, laminate or vinyl. Thermofoil cabinet doors are created when a layer of PVC vinyl is applied to MDF (medium density fiberboard) board using a combination of vacuum pressure, heat and high-quality, catalyzed glue.
A membrane press fuses the vinyl onto the MDF doors, moldings or drawer fronts which have been previously cut and routed in accordance with the customer’s specifications.
Thermofoil or PVC kitchen doors, bathroom doors, closet doors and cabinet doors are very durable and economical. Because we manufacture these items at high production levels, we can offer very competitive pricing on this line of products.
Our thermofoil varieties include your choice of many solid and woodgrain designs. We purchase only the highest-quality PVC from the most reputable producers.

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I – Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Specification


The cabinet is made out from MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) 18mm thickness with white melamine on both sides.

Edge bands PVC 0.4mm thickness matching color on front sides and 0.4mm white color back sides.

Back panel 4mm MDF white color, one side melamine.

Assembly is made by KD Fitting, Shelve Support in Zinc Finish.

-Thermofoil Doors

The doors are made out from MDF one side Melamine white color, second side applied with PVC 0.4mm thickness (more than 30 different route design and color).

Pre-heating and suction obtains this operation at high temperature through specific press, using best choice of Jowat Glue.

Color according to the choice of the client, between wooden finish and solid color or we can do any matching.

Design various .


PVC finish suitable for molding.

Maintaining a uniform finish, smooth and homogenous.

Dimensional stability.

Water Resistance.

-Other Properties [ for MDF deep routering quantity ]

MDF Density is kg. M3 800.

Internal Bound N / mm2 0.65 / 0.6.

Bending Strength N / mm2 35 / 30.

Swelling thickness % – 10 / 15.