Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

High Gloss Laminated Kitchen Doors -Niemann.

Polygloss is made by bonding a 75 micron clear film of Polyester onto the surface of a double faced melamine board with MDF substrate.

Finished thickness is 19mm. As the film of Polyester is clear, the color of the finished board is determined by the color of the melamine board.

The color range includes plain colors and wood-grains as determined by the range of colors of melamine board. Polygloss is scratch resistant to the extent that you can rub steel wool on the surface and it will not scratch.

Once the protective film has been removed, surfaces are to be polished with an acrylic enriched Rally car polish. Thereafter, where necessary, marks can be removed with a damp cotton cloth.

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I – Kitchen Cabinets Specifications

The cabinet is made out from MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) 18mm thickness..

120 mg white Melamine on both sides.

Edge bands PVC 0.4mm thickness matching color and 0.4mm white color Back Sides.

Back panel 4mm MDF white color, one side melamine.

Assembly is made by KD Fitting, Shelve Support in Zinc Finish.

-Melamine Kitchen Doors [ Egger ]

Melamine kitchen cabinets

Melamine kitchen cabinets- Egger

Wood-based boards that are coated with a decor paper soaked in melamine resin.

Comprehensive variety of colors and designs with matching surface textures.

Optimal surface properties (such as abrasion and scratch resistance) in accordance with EN14322

Thickness 18mm. Density 760 mg.

Exposed sides ABS 2mm up to 3mm matching color with smooth and rounded edges.


-Postform Doors [ European ]

MDF and Postform Kitchens

MDF and Postform Kitchens

Postform doors thickness 18mm MDF.

Density 760 mg.

HPL Front decorative Glossy / Matt Finish thickness 0.9mm.

HPL Back side White 0.4mm.

Radius 5 – 10 or Radius Universal ( refer to Profiles ).

Exposed bottom topside ABS 2mm up to 3mm matching color with smooth and rounded edges.


-Pre-forming Doors   ( Choice 4 )

MDF Thermoplastic Kitchens

MDF Thermoplastic Kitchens