Measuring your kitchen isn’t hard ...

...but it’s important that you get it right because the measurements will be the basis for all you’re planning both on paper and on the online kitchen planning. Make sure you record your measurements in centimeters.

Start by measuring floor to ceiling, from wall to wall and from the corners to the doors.

Note anything that sticks out into the room like radiators, columns or pipes. Check if the floor is even, if it’s isn’t mark the highest point.

Measure the size of your doors and windows, and the distance from each one to the floor, the ceilings and corners. Don’t forget to mark the amount of space the doors and windows need to open.

Check the angles of your corner and mark any that are not in 90 degree,

mark the position and size of existing electrical outlets, switches, gas and water pipes and the drain. Remember that the drain is always directly under the sink if you’re planning to move any of these, mark their new positions.

Pay particular attention to the current position of your ventilation outlet as this can be difficult to move.

Need help measuring?

No problem! Our measuring teams can do the job for you! Contact us for more details! 

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